Photographs and a short video documenting the conditions found in the Williston, Florida, high school that was abandoned approximately four years ago. From the books in the library to the auditorium set for assembly, it appears that on the last day everyone just walked out and left everything behind. The school has since been razed and is being replaced by a strip mall. I was able to return and further photograph the school a few months later and will be publishing images from that tour soon.

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Street Photography Tour of Gainesville, Florida

Typical photographic illustration of Gainesville, Florida, would show images of the University of Florida, upscale neighborhoods, new high rise buildings, shopping areas and perhaps some nature parks. However; there are other neighborhoods not typically depicted in tourist information. I deliberately did not title these photographs to allow the viewer to reach their own conclusion about what is being shown.

Photography by Craig Walters

I just read that Governor of Alabama and Republican legislators would like to use $400M in federal funds provided for Covid relief to build prisons. One senator is quoted as saying (gleefully) that the money “has many, many fewer restrictions” on how it is used. He thinks he found a loophole and wants to jump through it. The money is intended to be used for such things as child care, expansion of the Medicaid program or to provide health insurance to uninsured Alabamians or other Covid recovery uses. It seems that, as always, the Republicans in control of the state legislature and governor’s office are not interested in helping citizens of Alabama recover from the devastation of Covid, but would rather build monuments to themselves in the form of prisons.

Craig Walters

Craig Walters

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